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Time is the best donation. 
The heart of Serve San Marcos is people giving their time and talents with our local non-profit partner organizations to help make a difference in San Marcos. There are a wide selection of interesting, fun, and meaningful ways to help via the Volunteer Calendar

Your financial gift helps us get more volunteers.  

Your gift allows Serve San Marcos to make a more meaningful impact by reaching more volunteers, helping with more projects, and letting local non-profits put more of their own funding directly to their causes. And by donating online, your gift goes directly to work in the San Marcos community!

San Marcos Floods: Historic floods hit San Marcos Sunday May 25 with over 1,000 people evacuated. The City of San Marcos did a great job with first response efforts. While an 'official' city/county disaster volunteer center was getting setup, Serve San Marcos helped led a two-day flood cleanup effort based on local San Marcos people who show up to help their neighbors. Over 700 people volunteered their time and effort to made a huge difference in the days just after the storm.

In a few weeks, as the initial diaster efforts wind down and many people who traveled to San Marcos move on to other projects, Serve San Marcos is committed to the long-term flood recovery by connecting people willing to help with long-term projects lead by local non-profits.  

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Serve San Marcos is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit project of the First United Methodist Church of San Marcos. You can make a check made out to "First UMC San Marcos" with "Serve San Marcos" in the memo and mail to 129 W Hutchison St, San Marcos Texas 78666.  You can also drop off a check in person at that address in our the front office.

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