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Mermaid Society SMTX


The Mermaid herself embodies the unique San Marcos culture of ingenuity, entrepreneurship, community connectivity and environmental stewardship which blossoms in a town in love with its sacred river. She is a symbol of honor and protection; a representation of a shared community vision that can be easily identified. As a guardian of such intense power and beauty, comes to no surprise her message has spread like native wild rice, stretching throughout San Marcos. As a symbolic heroine, she is easily able to connect community members without boundaries of age, socioeconomic status or political preference. The Mermaid transcends these limitations to unite our attention towards a common goal; co- create a sustainable, shared wellbeing.Local ownership of a town which we want to protect, preserve and nurture is reflected in our identity through the Mermaid.

Civic & Community
San Marcos, TX, 78667